Thursday, January 8, 2009

Oh, the Horror...err... Whores...Ok, BOTH!

I have a guilty pleasure to admit, though my interest is fading fast. The TV show "Rock of Love" with Bret Michaels on VH1, which is currently in its 3rd season titled "Rock of Love Bus". Photos and video available here (if you dare). I saw a few episodes of season 1 and watched a bit of season 2. I had many people make the comparison between this show and a bad train/car wreck...just can't help but watch!

Seasons 1 and 2 were filled with the type of girls you would typically imagine to be with Bret Michaels. I guess I should interject here for those of you who don't know who Bret is. He is the lead singer for the band Poison (80's-early 90's). Perhaps part of my attraction to the show is from the special place in my heart for this band. Bret is venturing out on his own with a solo music career. I don't believe it is as wildly popular as Poison, but Bret is also older, not as slim, and still opts to wear pink lipstick and do the pouty lip face. Plus, using the bandanna and cowboy hat to cover up the receding hairline (my personal belief) just to keep the long hair is a little over done. Give it up already, Bret. You can be old, semi-bald, makeup-less, and attractive.


We recorded episode 1 and watched it last night. I must say that my jaw was on the floor for a majority of the show! I have never seen such a heap of silicone, saline, dermal fillers, black eyeshadow, fake eyelashes, freaky facial piercings, bleach blond hair, and just plain nastiness in my life! This doesn't even touch the brainlessness of most of the females (they're not worthy of being called ladies) on the show. There are a few that are actually very pretty and are not nearly as bad as the others, however, I don't expect them to last long.

I found it very entertaining that the nasty girls always complain that people look down on them. This is usually for a variety of reasons: they're strippers, they drink a lot and behave poorly, and have not a single shred of decency among them. I must say the most entertaining part of the show is when Nikki was "rapping" for Bret. The lyrics she had written were on paper with information/care instructions for Genital Herpes and Gonorrhea! Plus, she can hardly walk straight or manage to stand up half the time. I wish she would have stayed - purely for my entertainment/dismay!

I must mention the "Utah girl" on the show...Kelsey. Definitely a cute girl and isn't a pile of white trash like the majority - at least on first glance.

A few highlights for the closet "Rock of Love" fans out there:

*Marcia kissing Bret right after puking her drunk guts out.
*Nikki attempting to walk after the first night on the show.
*Nikki at the elimination - tipping over continually then throwing herself on the floor after being eliminated.
*Samantha (who looks like a grandma compared to everyone else) trying to use the stripper moves from her "learn to strip at home" workout DVD to be sexy for Bret.
*Fight after beer being poured on/throw at someone else fight.
*Watching the girls try to pack their luggage on the bus.

Episode 1 elimination girls:

2 of these girls are much too cute and normal to be on this show. Good thing they were eliminated!

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Jess said...

I tried to watch this the other day -- just for you ... and I almost made it through an entire episode!

I stopped at the point where one girl wanted to show Bret what a "good person" she really was on the inside so she changed into the skimpiest bikini she had and gave him a lap dance. Yes, I'm sure he all he was focusing on was her inner beauty. That there's some good reasoning on her part.

It really is like a train wreck! Which CAN become addicting....