Tuesday, March 31, 2009

birthday bowl-o-rama

Today is #1's birthday. He is the big 4 years old! We decided it would be fun if we took him bowling for his birthday. We picked him up from the sitter's and went bowling and for lunch. We had such a great time! He thought this was pretty cool!

Be impressed - I actually took pictures and uploaded them in the same day! I'll do another post with pictures of his birthday tonight. Be prepared to see some adorable cupcakes!

The birthday bowling boy:

Getting some fatherly guidance:

Me and #1:

Trying to figure out those tricky finger holes:

Action shot of dad:

Action shot of mom:

Action shot of birthday boy:

Sheer anticipation - this was his stance each time he bowled:

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

on a boat or with a goat?

Yesterday I decided to make my kids a little St. Patrick's Day dinner. My mom would sometimes make us green potato pancakes for St. Pat's and green jello. Being short on time (mainly just late thinking about it) I decided to go for green eggs and ham. Plus, Tyce loves the book.

So, the kids had green scrambled eggs and ham (really canadian bacon) and green pudding for dinner. I know this doesn't scream "nutritious dinner" but they really liked it. A late Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

#2 turns 2! - pictures now included

Happy Birthday to my princess Myka! She is the big number 2 today! She was so excited that today was her birthday. She wanted to open all of her presents this morning. She even tried to trick me and Travis into letting her do it. She asked Travis and he told her to ask me. She came running in telling me "Daddy said yeah!" So, we couldn't resist how cute she was being and we let her open one. I'll update the post and add pictures after her "birfday party" tonight.

The birthday girl - she was so excited this was all I could get her to hold still for:

She loved opening her presents:

Happy birthday to Myka....

Get ready...

Make a wish!

One of her super cute cakes - shout out to my friend Quinn and the Clearfield Baskin Robbins!

The party table

Lipstick - her favorite present! Thanks Cody & Katie!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

tyce's first primary talk

Tyce gave his first talk in Primary today. He did such a great job and was SO excited! He looked at the audience, kept his voice loud, and spoke into the microphone. He wasn't shy at all - go figure! We recorded him doing it this morning before we went to church. It was so cute we had to share.