Sunday, March 1, 2009

tyce's first primary talk

Tyce gave his first talk in Primary today. He did such a great job and was SO excited! He looked at the audience, kept his voice loud, and spoke into the microphone. He wasn't shy at all - go figure! We recorded him doing it this morning before we went to church. It was so cute we had to share.


Jess said...

Oh my. This is ADORABLE. My favorite part are his facial expressions around 1:48 when he says "when we are kind."

I think the confidence comes from the pimp suit he's wearing. Nice choice :)

mandy said...

I LOVE HIM!!! He did such a good job!

My favorite part, is watching Kristin mouth the words along with Tyce. Why do moms do that? I'm guilty too.

Missy said...

Grandpas and grandpas? That is a really special family!! LOL Not that there's anything wrong with that.

That was so cute!!! It sure put a smile on my face on a blah Monday morning.