Monday, April 27, 2009

thank you for bea-ing a friend

Tragedy! Bea Arthur passed away on Saturday. I was always a fan of The Golden Girls and remember watching it after school when I was young. If I happen to see a rerun on, I will still gladly watch it. While as a young girl I always imagined myself as Blanch on the show and NEVER wanted to be Dorothy (Bea). Being older I have much more respect for Dorothy and really enjoy her wittiness and humor. So, here's to you, Bea Arthur. Thank you for being a friend!


Jess said...

Do you remember when one of the boys started scratching "Bea Arthur" on their arm? So much that it bled? Or did I make that up? Cause I swear it happened. I want to say it was Travis, but I'm not certain.

mandy said...

You are a DORK!!!! but I still love ya!

Jess said...

New post ... new post, please!