Thursday, March 18, 2010

the devil in disguise

Yes, it is that time again! I almost forgot about Girl Scout cookies this year. I wish I would have. These two little boxes are some of my biggest enemies. Girl Scout cookies are expensive for what you get. But some of them are just so yummy! I also try to justify buying Girl Scout cookies because they're for a "good cause". I did show some restraint this year and only bought 3 boxes.

Word of caution: Don't waste your money on the new Berry Munch cookies. BLEH!


Jess said...

If I make cookies will you buy them from ME instead? I won't make nasty Berry Crunch. Promise.

Pretty. Crazy. said...

I will absolutely buy cookies from you instead! Better yet...we should get together and do some of the homemade/knock off Girl Scout cookies ourselves.