Wednesday, December 29, 2010

broken promises

Skinny jeans came back in style. I absolutely refused to own or wear a pair. Ever. For many good reasons. The 80's, and my short and unshapely legs are just a couple of them. Well, I own a pair. Okay, maybe more than a pair. I own a few, or four, or whatever.

Leggings came back in style. I absolutely refused to own or wear a pair. Ever. Again, for many good reasons. I wore leggings like crazy at one point in my life. I stopped wearing them when I was 10. And the people that wear them that just shouldn't be wearing them (shudder)... Anyway, after some persuasion from my dear Jess, I own a pair.

Now we have jeggings. The lovechild that resulted from skinny jeans and leggings getting together and...ya know... I swore these off for a while, but I wasn't as quick to judge as I'd already given in to both skinny jeans and leggings. I'm writing this post in the comfort of my jeggings.

Things have gone one step further, my friends. These have been introduced to the world. A line has been crossed. I absolutely refuse to own or wear a pair of these. Ever. This is a promise I intend to keep.


Anonymous said...

I don't know WHERE you find these things, but you are *hilarious :P And I love it :P Thanks for the laugh. "Lovechild" haha I could even picture you saying it :P hahaha

Jess said...

Let's be clear here: I put my full support behind leggings but can't bring myself to put ANY support behind jeggings. They offer me zero support (Ha! See what I did there?!)

P.S. I still wanna see you rockin' the leggings. They were so cute!