Thursday, December 30, 2010

special sauce

I had my first Big Mac experience today. I've made it to this point in my life without ever tasting one. I decided earlier in the year that I would make it a goal to taste a Big Mac by the end of the year. Lofty goals. I know.

I had it in my mind that today would be the day. Well, today had to be the day. I'm running out of days in 2010. No more putting it off.

My train of thought throughout the day leading up to the Big Mac experience:

Big Mac
Mac daddy
Mac daddy make you wanna jump, jump
Kris Kross backwards day in school
I wore my Girbauds and my Gimmie shirt backwards
Could I get my jeans on backwards now?
Probably not after eating a Big Mac

It all came full circle.

Back to my Big Mac. It tasted about like I thought it would. It was kind of squishy. The middle bun piece slides out. I was pretty underwhelmed with my Big Mac. BUT I can put a big, fat checkmark next to my goal for 2010. DONE!


Anonymous said...

Kristin, please keep writing :P I think I just found a new favorite blog :P hahahahahaha You crack me up! :)

Jess said...

Two posts in one week! I'm so proud :)

So 2010's goals included things like Big Macs? Let's kick it up a notch for 2011 and finally go sky diving. Yes, a big jump from a Big Mac but I think we can do it ...